Welcome Back!

Welcome friends!

As many of you know if you follow me on facebook, my website and blog crashed about a month ago and I lost EVERYTHING!  Ack!  My hosting company blamed the website company…..and the website company blamed the hosting company…..and I really didn’t care who’s fault it was….I just wanted my info back!  Unfortunately….that did not happen.  I had to rebuild my website…but my blog from the last 3 years is completely gone.   I still have many images and blog posts from my old blog that will show up in search engines….and then lead you to an error page when you click on them.   :(  But…..with every door that closes, there is always another one open!   And in this case the open door is GREAT!  With spring right around the corner, I think this is an awesome time for change!  I decided to consolidate my blog and website into one!   My super sweet photographer friend  helped me find a FABULOUS designer…..and after many headaches for her….we are finally done!  YAY!  So this is my first post as I “start over” again.

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