Fall Mini Sessions Hope Idaho Part 1 ~ Sandpoint Family Photographer

Hey Friends!  What’s up?!?!?!  FALL!  That’s what’s up!  And fall means Fall Mini Sessions!  WOOT!  WOOT!

If you missed my last post on the fall mini session deets for this year….be sure to go back and check it out!

For this post, I have to go down memory lane and share one of my favorite sessions from last years Fall Mini Sessions.  AND…….introduce you to one of my favorites families…..and my dreamy future son in law.  Hee Hee. More on that in a bit…….

Last year one of the Fall Mini Session locations was at a beach out in Hope that I practically grew up on and close to one of my most favorite lake locations ever!   We also just happened to luck out that there was tall golden grass close by….so add together our gorgeous lake, fun chunky rocks, and yummy fall colors…..then add amazing clients, super cute kids, and a goofy photographer that you just HAVE to laugh at…..equals a pretty good recipe for awesome mini photo sessions!   Don’t believe me?  Check it out!

Looks fun….right?!?!?!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 30

Oh goodness, YES!  SO FUN!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 36

Gorgeous fall colors….and Mr Handsome #1.   I fell in love with this little guy from the minute I met him!  He is SO SWEET! And those eyes!  DREAMY!  And sorry ladies….but I have reserved him for my daughter!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 43

Yep….meet my future son in law!  His mama and I get along fabulously….bonus!….and he is a true North Idaho boy…..just what my princess needs.  (No city slickers please.  We like the wood cutting, hunting, motorcycle riding, snow mobiling, handsome rugged fellas! ha!)

sandpoint family photographer fall mini  36

Ok, OK….FINE!  I will stop dreaming and get real.  Truthfully, I DO LOVE this guy….but his mama and I have both agreed that the universe probably couldn’t handle this match!   And unless he likes older women my plan probably will fizzle.  hee hee.  But he is handsome!  And such a sweetheart!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 38

REALLY?!?!  I can’t take it.  That face!  Argh!  So CUTE!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 29

More yummy fall goodness and Mr Handsome #2.  My other future son in law….well, that is if I had another daughter!  This guy is FULL of personality!  And just cracks me up!  He is SO FUN!  Get past the ADORABLE face and look deep into those eyes…..can you feel the mischief?

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 37

I have photographed this little guy since he was a newborn….well, I tried to photograph him as a newborn.  He was more interested in hanging out and listening to his mom and I gab for 2 hours before he finally decided to fall into a light sleep.  He let us know he would fall asleep if and when he decided to…and that we were on HIS schedule.  And that was that!  Yeah…I think he still laughs about that!  He looks pretty proud of himself here!  😉

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 28

Oh just kidding……I have to have some fun when it comes to this guy!  He demands it!  And really, he is just as big of a sweetheart as his brother!   Such a little love!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 42

Both of these boys are great kids!  I am so honored to be able to photograph them every year and get to watch them grow up!

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 40

And lastly….we grabbed a couple shots with mom.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to get photos with your kids!  We don’t have a guarantee of tomorrow.  And if you put it off because you want to lose weight, or get in better shape….or….HOGWASH!  All of it!  Please…..STOP!  Don’t make excuses…JUST DO IT!  Your kids see MOM!  The most important person in their lives!  They don’t see what you see.  They just see you in all your beautiful perfection!  And really…..once your sweet little miracle babies come into this world…isn’t it all about them now?  Yes…yes it is!  So do it for THEM!  And for YOU!  You will thank yourself down the road!  These two LOVE their mama……there’s nothing better than a mama’s boy!  Pitter Patter……

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 41

Gorgeous mama!  Now you see where those boys got some of their good looks!  😉

sandpoint family photographer fall mini 35

Thanks for hanging out with me today while I rambled on down memory lane and shared this fun session from last years Fall Mini Sessions.  I really do enjoy these minis every year…and am so grateful to my clients that come back each year.  I love getting to watch their families grow, love getting to know them, love how connected my heart becomes to them, and love that my clients become friends!  THANK YOU friends for trusting me with your priceless memories!  Here’s to many more!  Cheers!


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